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MUS201 Introduction to Western Music

Impressionism & Romanticism

Click a link for a sample article of the following topics, but you can look at the subjects under the article information and click any that are close to what you're looking for in your research. Also, go to the tab (to the left) called Music Information Search to find links and instructions to help you find more articles.


Thomas Pasatierie: focuses on operas composed by Thomas Pasatieri. Some of the operas composed by Pasatieri are cited including "The Seagull," "Frau Margot" and "The Hotel Casablanca." Moreover, it mentions the traditional post-verismo virtues of Pasatieri's work including the vaulting vocal lines, colorful orchestration and the Romantic/Impressionist harmonies.

Gathering Sense from Song: Robert Browning and the Romantic Epistomology of Music: presents a criticism of the 19th century English poetry of Robert Browning. She discusses the role of music in Browning's poetry, the influence of German romanticism on music, and the impact of German philosophy Arthur Schopenhauer on the epistemological aspects of Browning's poetry.

The Topical Vocabulary of the Nineteenth Century: Since Leonard Ratner's initial introduction of topoi in Classic Music: Expression, Form, and Style, topical analysis has slowly gained acceptance, due largely to the writings of such noted authors as Kofi Agawu, Wye Jamison Allanbrook, Jonathan Bellman, and Raymond Monelle. 

Battling Romantic and Modernist Phantoms: Strauss's Don Quixote and the Conflicting Demands of Musical Modernism.