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Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Services provided by EMTs, firefighters, and paramedics

Paramedic EMS271 Assignment: Propose a Change

Protocol Proposal Assignment

Identify a protocol that you think needs to be added, changed, or removed from the current Jackson County Fire EMS or Mercy Flights Standing Orders. This can be based on information you have learned in class, credible EMS articles you have read, personal experience on EMS responses, or other motivation. If you are proposing something that is a change to the Scope of Practice, or an equipment issue, rather than just a protocol change, you must clearly identify what would need to take place in order to bring about that change.

Assignment format:

• Must be a Microsoft Word document.

• 12 point, Times New Roman font, double-spaced, and at least 4 pages in length, NOT including the title page, references, or the one-page draft protocol.

• Must include a title page, a brief introduction, details to fully support the proposal, a minimum of 3 to 5 credible references, a conclusion, page numbers, and a draft protocol. (An abstract is not required)

• Create a clear and descriptive title.

• Provide any additional details as needed, such as a description of Scope of Practice changes needed (and how that would be accomplished) or equipment purchases and their costs.

• Proposed protocols must follow an appropriate format and fit on a single page, if possible. If your proposal requires both a medication protocol and a treatment protocol, then you should create a one-page protocol for each. If your proposal involves modifying an existing protocol, you may use that protocol and clearly highlight your changes or additions to it.

Important Note

Important Note before completing this assignment – read entirely:

All references MUST be listed and citations used for references should follow the American Medical Association (AMA) style formatting. Students unfamiliar with AMA formatting of citations and references should go to RCC library to consult with appropriate style manuals or this information can also be located online at reputable resources such as the New York Medical College Health Sciences Library - AMA Style or look at articles in a recent copy of PEC (Prehospital Emergency Care).

Important Details

Important details to keep in mind:

1) Support for an idea should be peer-reviewed published research and not case reports or personal opinion (even if they are the opinions of experts or a well-known person). Peer-reviewed journal articles include reviews, especially the Cochrane reviews.

2) Statements of “fact” (“superior”, “best”, “well known”, “obviously”, etc.) and conclusions need to be supported with evidence.

3) Wikipedia resources are NOT considered reputable resources and SHOULD NOT be used!

4) An online blog entry also generally represents an individual’s opinion or perspective, even if they are quoting legitimate sources in that blog. This is ok for your introduction, but your actual proposal needs actual evidence. Find the original sources mentioned in the blog if you want to use them. Ideally, the original articles in peer-reviewed journals (even if reviews) are best.

5) Use the CRAP site ( as a guide to evaluate the credibility of a web site resource.

6) Do not use a PubMed url as a citation. Cite the actual journal article it refers to, including author, title, date, etc.

7) References - Use the Endnote function in WORD (Insert Footnote Endnote). References should be listed in order of use and numbered to match. The endnote function in Word makes this MUCH easier.

8) References should be recent (within the last 10 years) whenever possible.

9) Abbreviations/Acronyms, if used should be essential, well-understood, used consistently and must be defined at first use.

10) Use subscripts and superscripts where appropriate (02, Na+ , etc.)


Outline: Due week 11 of winter term (25 points)

• Describe what change you are going to propose.

• Include a brief statement about why you selected this and why you think it is important. This may be the start of your introduction section.

• Identify if this is a change to an existing local protocol, a new protocol, a Scope of Practice change, a new equipment item to add, or something else.

• Provide a description (a bullet-point list is fine) of how you will structure your paper. (Introduction, followed by sections to address the graded components listed below, references at the end, etc.)

• List at least three credible sources you plan to use to support your argument. These need to be listed in appropriate AMA reference format.


Final paper: Due week 3 of spring term GRADING CRITERIA (120 points total, 20 per category below)

1) Why is the change needed?

a. Are the benefits clearly described?

b. Is there a significant benefit to patients? Have you backed that up with evidence?

2) What are the challenges or disadvantages?

a. Risks or side effects described?

b. Scope of practice change needed?

c. Costs of medication, equipment, training, etc.?

d. Any other disadvantages?

3) Is the proposed change currently being done in other EMS systems? If you cannot find an EMS system that is doing this, you will need to demonstrate convincingly that the evidence supports that it would be beneficial in our EMS system.

a. Where and when has it been used?

b. Results, outcome, feedback, etc. (Data, not opinions). This data can be reported as a table or graph with appropriate details.

4) What research or evidence supports this change?

a. Strength of evidence b. Appropriate references for sources

5) Written Protocol

a. Appropriate format

b. All key components addressed

6) Overall quality of paper

a. Appropriate length

b. Spelling and grammar

c. Organization and composition

d. AMA formatting as described above

NOTE: Has this change already been proposed in Jackson or Josephine County this year? (This reduces your possible points)

Do not procrastinate on this project! You are given many weeks to work on this because it will require a significant amount of work to earn a good grade.