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WR 122 - English Composition II - Coen

In addition to resources useful for WR122 research papers, this guide includes specific additional resources for the instructor's specific assignments and requirements.

Chat with a Librarian

How can we help? RCC Librarians are available to chat during library open hours, when school is in session. You can also email us at or call 541-956-7150 to be connected with a reference librarian.

Digital Technology Topics to Consider

Your instructor has suggested the following topics as a starting point for your first paper: 

  • Understanding addiction: Is technology addiction real? How do we know?
  • Causes of addiction: What’s the cause of technology addiction—lack of self-regulation or addictive design?
  • Choose one of the behavioral addictions discussed in the book and do an in-depth look at causes, symptoms, interventions: gaming addiction, exercise addiction, online shopping addiction, social media addiction, etc.
  • Effects on different groups: What are the developmental effects of digital technology and social media on children? on teens? on boys? on girls?
  • Working life: What are the effects of technology on workers’ sense of satisfaction, focus, productivity?
  • Education: How does digital technology and social media affect our ability to learn? to read? to write?
  • Interventions: What are effective interventions for technology addiction? Specific to gaming addiction? to exercise addiction? to social media addiction? etc.
  • Communication: How is technology addiction affecting in-person social interactions? Looking ahead: How do we design technology for personal and social good? What does ethical design look like when it comes to gaming, virtual reality, or social media?

You can also contact her if you have a relevant topic of your own you would like to investigate.

Finding Articles

Searching for articles will be a process of trying different combinations of keywords and skimming through results, looking for articles that some aspect of the questions you are exploring. No single article will (or should) cover your entire topic. The databases below are some good starting places for your research. If you are struggling to find what you need ask your instructor or a librarian for help before changing your topic.

Citing Sources

In general WR122 courses ask you to use the guidelines described in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, usually referred to as "APA Style." Check your course information to verify what elements of APA you are being asked to use, as the term can refer to the formatting of your paper and/or your citations.