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MUS 108 - Music in World Cultures

Music Books & eBooks

The RCC/Jackson County Library Catalog defaults to a page with a basic search box. To browse operas or ballets on DVD, type “opera DVD” or “ballet DVD” – don’t type the quotation marks. This will bring up several good titles. There will also be some (like Phantom of the Opera) that will also be in the results. One can also type “opera” in the basic search box and in the scroll down box for “format” below that, and choose DVD. This is going to bring a lot more results, but also a lot more irrelevant ones. If you have a particular title in mind, like the Nutcracker, you are better off typing in the title and choosing the format as DVD. If you are searching for CDs the same kind of searching can be done.

If you are having difficulty ask a librarian for help!

Article Databases

Here's how to find music journal-specific articles:

Log into Academic Search Premier (EBSCO)(above link) and click "Publications" on the top menu:

In the first field, type in "music," click the "by subject and description," and click "browse." EBSCO will show you a list of all music journals that will have accessible articles. Choose a journal and click its title.

Just above the "Publication details for [name of journal], you'll see "search within this publication" and click it. Then click "Search." 

If you want more specific subjects within your desired publication, type a keyword in the second or third fields. Make sure you select a "Full Text" article to get the whole article.

Advanced Search Databases & YouTube