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World Languages Collection

How to find and enjoy the non-English resources available in the RCC Libraries.
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The libraries have a large DVD collection of films produced around the world. Whether you'd like to watch a film in your native tongue, practice a language you're learning, or just escape to another part of the planet for a few hours, you can check the catalog for our World Language Video Collection.

DVDs can be placed on hold to be picked up at any RCC or JCLS library branch.

Searching for non-English Library Materials

When using the Advanced Search page of the RCC/JCLS Library Catalog you can choose to filter your results by language. The Spanish-language collection is particularly comprehensive, but the libraries also hold materials in languages as diverse as Arabic, Japanese, and Swahili.

Many of our library databases also include articles in languages other than English, and we have several databases that are specifically intended for searching for Spanish-language materials including: