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Research Assistance for Chemistry Classes


General Information - Chemistry

According to the American Chemical Society (ACS), chemistry is the study of matter, defined as anything that has mass and takes up space, and the changes that matter can undergo when it is subject to different environments and conditions. Chemistry seeks to understand not only the properties of matter, like the mass or composition of a chemical element, but also how and why matter undergoes certain changes — whether something transformed because it combined with another substance, froze because it was left for two weeks in a freezer, or changed colors because it was exposed to too much sunlight.

Chemistry is part of the Physical Sciences area of Rogue Community College's Science Department. Physical Sciences provides the foundation courses needed to transfer into four-year programs in chemistry, engineering, earth and planetary science or physics. Studies in the physical sciences also lead to life science programs such as medicine, dentistry, physical therapy and pharmacy, as well as astronomy, meteorology, geology, and environmental chemistry.


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