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WR 121 - English Composition I

Background Information - Starting Places

If you know little about a topic and need a place to start, a Google search or a Wikipedia article can provide keywords and information you can then use to search library databases. Articles in library databases will be from traditionally published sources and are usually much easier to cite.

This kind of information is good for:

  • exploring possible topics ideas
  • getting some background on a topic
  • identifying keywords
  • finding citations for additional sources

Locating & Using Permalinks from Library Databases

What is a permalink?

A permalink is a persistent link to an article or other source found in a library database. An RCC affiliated person can then reliably use the link to access the source well into the future.

Why should I use a permalink instead of URLs?

The URL from a database is created for that particular session and will not give the intended user access to the article. Use the permalink instead to give other RCC affiliated users access to the article.

How do I find the permalink in the library database?

The permalink tool is usually found on the right-hand menu in the record of the article. Select the permalink tool and then copy and paste the permalink generated at the top of the page. Refer to the image below.