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Student Success with Remote Learning

How to Succeed While Learning Remotely

Stay Organized

Good Study Habits for Remote Learning

Stay Organized:

  • Use a Planner: A calendar/planner is very useful for keeping track of important deadlines or events like Zoom Meetings with your class or student mates.
  • Blackboard has a calendar for important things that are coming up. Check whether or not your Instructor uses this calendar.
  • Paper/Physical Planner: some people like having a physical calendar/planner in their hands.
  • Online Planner/Calendar: One free online planner, MyStudyLife (, lets you set up long term assignments and break them down into smaller goals. It has an app that you can put on your phone or other mobile device. There are also many other online planners, so find one that suits you.

Avoid Multitasking:

  • Lots of research shows that about 98% of people can not actually multitask. What happens is that you're giving your attention to just one thing at a time, but switching quickly between different things. This actually reduces your IQ during this.
  • The Magic of Monotasking Article: Gives strategies for focusing on one thing at a time. 
  • The Pomodora Technique: a special study technique that helps you work on one thing at a time. 
    • Tomato Timer (from The Pomodora Technique)(