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Student Success with Remote Learning

How to Succeed While Learning Remotely

Study Time

Study Time: Campus vs. Home

Adapt your routine:

  • How would/did you study on campus? Library or student center?
  • Try to mimic that at home. 
    • Library? Quiet place out of the way: corner of your bedroom or studying when everyone is asleep
    • Student Center? Use a corner of the kitchen table or living room
  • Get a virtual study group together if that's your style (or your instructor may require it).

With a study group, work effectively:

  • Plan ahead
  • Check in regularly:
    • Use Teams: Access/download this from that grid (top-left corner) in Outlook (your student email program). Create your own chat channel, share documents and even edit them together at the same time.
    • Use Zoom as a group study space
    • Exchange phone numbers or email addresses to keep in touch