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Student Success with Remote Learning

How to Succeed While Learning Remotely


Watching Videos

You may have video lectures to watch. Make the most of them:

Stay on Schedule: If your video lectures are designed for you to watch one or two times a week, keep up with that schedule. Don't let them pile up towards the end of term, because you'll have a huge heap of work to do to dig yourself out of at the end of term.

Find Out How to Ask Questions: If you instructor is lecturing live on Zoom, there should be a chat option or a hand raising option for asking questions. If the lecture is recorded, there may be a discussion board in Blackboard for you to post questions. Or email your instructor. Find out the best way to get your question answered!

Focus, Focus, Focus: While you're watching a recorded lecture, make sure you focus so you can retain the information you're viewing. Remember, multi-tasking doesn't work very well.

Take Notes As Usual: Take notes as you would in a regular physical classroom. Some research tells us that taking notes by hadn can help imprint the memories in your brain more effectively. And some people prefer electronic notetaking.

Watch Video at Normal Speed: Some videos playback options let you speed it up to 1.25, 1.5, or 2 times the normal speed. You may get through it faster, but you won't be able to remember what was said as well. For best memory-retention, watch at normal speed!